Getting Started (for Students)

First, you may want to check out our orientation video for students!

Getting Started for Students who Are Taking RISE Up as a Class

Invitation and Registration:

When you are added to RISE Up, you will receive an email with a link to set your password. Follow the instructions provided in the email to set your password and complete the registration process.

Logging In:

After setting your password, go to the RISE Up platform's login page at Enter your email address and the password you set during registration to log in.

Enrolling as an Independent Student

If you will be taking a RISE Up program on your own independently (and not as part of a group), you will enroll in RISE Up when purchasing your first program.

1. Go to

2. Select the program in which you want to enroll in, and click NEXT.

Self-pay Enroll 01

3. Enter your personal information, and click NEXT.

(If a user with that email address already exists, the system will pop up a dialog saying that and will not further process the signup.)

Self-pay Enroll 02

4. Enter additional personal information, and click NEXT.

Self-pay Enroll 03

5. Enter your payment information and click NEXT. The system will tell you if your payment information is not in a correct format.

Self-pay Enroll 04

6. Review your order and click NEXT.

Self-pay Enroll 05

7. Enter your name and initials.

Self-pay Enroll 06

8. Click ENROLL & E-SIGN. The system will tell you if your payment does not go through, otherwise you will see a dialog saying “Your purchase has been successfully processed. You will receive an email shortly with purchase and login details.”

Self-pay Enroll 07