Getting Started (for Group Administrators)

First, you may want to check out our orientation video for administrators!

To sign up as an organization:

1. Go to the signup page at

2. Enter your organization's information. Fields with an * are required.

If an organization with that tax ID already exists, the system will pop up a dialog box saying that and will not process the signup further. (Note: If you want to add additional administrators for your organization, please contact the RISE Up Customer Support team by by providing the following information: your full name, email address and organization name, as well as the full name and email address of the administrator you wish to add or remove.)

3. Otherwise click NEXT in the lower right-hand corner to continue.

FUNDER Signup 01

4. Enter your administrator's primary contact information.

5. If your billing contact is different from your primary contact, enter the billing contact's information. If the billing and primary contact are the same, click the box that says “Same as Primary Contact”.

6. When you have entered all your information, click SUBMIT in the lower right-hand corner.

FUNDER Signup 03

7. Upon submitting the application, you have provisionally registered your organization in the platform. The RISE Up team will review the application as soon as possible.

8. When your application is approved, we will send an email to the designated contact person. The email will contain instructions on setting up a password and accessing the login portal. In the rare event that the application is not approved, we will promptly notify you via email, providing a detailed explanation.

9. Roles and Capabilities: Please click here to see the capabilities of your role.